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Highlighting For Beginners: Everything You Need to Get That Glow

A beautiful day spent with the Pop Sugar crew, great priceline products teamed up with the beautiful face and words of Jade Healy. Enjoy Future Mrs’s !

Strobing, illuminating, highlighting... whatever you call it, this trend isn't going anywhere fast. When we quizzed the women in our office about their favourite beauty looks, it came as no surprise that radiant skin topped the list! If you're just starting out (and feel a little overwhelmed by the 200,000+ YouTube tutorials explaining how to do it), we've got you. Keep reading to learn how to highlight, as demonstrated by commercial editor Jade (that's me!).

Brighten Your Eyes

Image Source: POPSUGAR Australia Photography / Dave Wheeler

First things first, get your base right. Start with a lightweight, dewy foundation or mix a little illuminator with your regular product to create an ultra-radiant effect.

After your base is dry, use a highlighter pen ($27.95) to draw two right angles around your eyes. Start just above your inner eye and draw a straight line down the side of your nose before extending the line to create a wide V-shape, finishing at the centre of your eye. Use your fingers to lightly tap and blend into your skin. The end result? Bright eyes! This trick is especially good if you are having your photo taken at night — the flash will reflect off the product and bounce light into the entire eye area.

Add Some Subtle Definition

Image Source: POPSUGAR Australia Photography / Dave Wheeler

It's easy to define your features with a little strategic application. Tap luminiser down the bridge of your nose to create a slimming effect, and lightly dust a shimmery eyeshadow on the corners of your eyes for extra sparkle. This looks great on skin of every age as your inner eyes and nose don't get many wrinkles! If you have a protruding brow bone, avoid applying highlighter all over the bone as this will only make it appear more prominent. Instead, keep close to the bottom of the brow. To create the illusion of fuller lips, apply a cream or powder illuminator to your cupid's bow. Now pucker up!

Amp It Up

Image Source: POPSUGAR Australia Photography / Dave Wheeler

Here's where we get that glow, girl! Using your fingers, pat cream highlighter ($24.95) along your cheekbones and out towards your temple. As a simple guide, smile, find the apples of your cheeks and start there. Tap your fingers up and out, finishing at the end of your eye. You can also apply this technique to your decolletage: swallow, round your shoulders forward and extend your neck (you'll feel a little bit like a brontosaurus) so that your collarbones stick out. Tap the product onto said collarbones and relax. So radiant, so chic.

Golden Eye

Image Source: POPSUGAR Australia Photography / Dave Wheeler

For the bold ladies out there, a bronzed eye is the perfect complement to radiant skin. Sweep a highly-pigmented gold shadow across your lids, extending above your crease. Use a darker bronze to contour into the crease, and extend to the outer corner of the eyes.

The Final Look

Image Source: POPSUGAR Australia Photography / Dave Wheeler

There you have it! Four easy ways to brighten your face. Enjoy!

Photographer: Dave Wheeler

Hair and Makeup: Casey Gore

Stylist: Jade Healy