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We were thrilled to have TFM hair and makeup artist Ashlea Penfold work with Lucie from Baby Anything on her wedding day. Lucie and Rory stayed true to their personal vision for the day and the results were spectacular. We asked Lucie about how they met, planning before the big day and to recount some of her favourite moments.


TFM: How did you and Rory meet and how long have you been together?
LUCIE: Rory and I have been together 3 and a half years but we first knew each other 12 years ago. I noticed Rory standing up the back of a punk rock concert, he was wearing a big white hoody and baggy dickies pants and skate shoes. I thought he was really cute but we were both painfully shy. Rory actually tried to spark a connection when he came to me asking me to fix one of his rings. Still we were too shy to actually go on a date!


TFM: How did Rory propose?
LUCIE: It was a complete surprise. I had gone on a solo trip to India in September 2015 and apparently Rory had missed me so much he rang my sister Elle to ask for my hand in marriage. We were due to travel to Hawaii in December that year for the Pipe Masters Surfing Competition on the north shore with Billabong so Rory and Elle had just 2 months to get the ring. He used a design I had on the wall in my office. I had done a full rendering of the design as my ‘Dream Ring’ for an assignment in my apprenticeship. Rory approached my best friend Wade, who I went through University and trade training with, to make it. Rory carried the ring all through customs and the flight without me finding out and finally popped the question on the headland at Turtle Bay on the North Shore, truly magnificent scenery. When he asked me, before I said yes, my question was ‘Where’s Elle”? I had to know my sister knew about the engagement and that he had her blessing - she popped out of the bushes carrying two Hawaiian flower leis so then I said yes!



TFM: What was your overall vision for the wedding day? 
LUCIE: References from Baz Lurhmann’s film Romeo and Juliet, mixed with the Byron Bay Hinterland and strong reference to the spirituality and greenery of Hawaii. I had giant teepees filled with lush greenery and alter candles everywhere so there was definitely all the elements in together.  Rory wanted to include his Harley motorbike and have an original Airstream caravan as a bar so we made that happen and it all tied in beautifully. Our guests all remarked it was the best wedding they had every attended and they felt like they were in the VIP area at an incredible music festival all day.



TFM: What was your makeup trial like with Ashlea Penfold?
LUCIE: Perfect, I met Ash in Byron 1 month out and I had sent her some inspo pics for the look and she talked through the elements with me first and then once it was done it was perfect, nothing to change! But Ash makes you feel like you could change anything and it wouldn’t be an issue.

TFM: Describe how you felt getting ready with Ash on the day?. 
LUCIE: Ash was so calm and beautiful to be around she really was an integral part of my wedding day.

Ash is a makeup artist with a heart of gold. She makes you feel like you are the most important person in the room and then does your make up so you feel like the most beautiful girl in the world.
— Lucie Ferguson, Baby Anything
Ash is one of a kind... there is no one quite like Ash. From the way she makes you feel to her upmost professionalism if you have Ash on your special day you have the best of the best.
— Elle Ferguson, They All Hate Us

TFM: Why did you choose to get married at The Grove in Byron Bay?
LUCIE: I grew up in Byron as a child and we had a house that my mum designed and my grandfather built which was really close to ‘The Grove’ venue, so I felt like it would have elements of my family members there in spirit as they are no longer with me. Byron is a second home to me now and Rory and I had spent our first vacation as a couple there and many trips since so it felt like the right location for us. A dear friend of mine Lizzy from Spell and the Gypsy Collective was married at The Grove in November 2015 so I had seen her pictures and thought it was heaven. Our home in Terrigal is very similar looking to The Grove so I knew we could decorate it to feel like ‘us’. We actually never saw the venue until 2 weeks before the wedding.


TFM: What was your favourite element of the wedding if you had to choose? Was there anything you added that was very special to you? 
LUCIE: The traditional hand strung flower leis for each guest were really special to me as I tied them into the ceremony and explained to each guest the meaning of a Lei and how it meant each guest was like family to us. The Aloha in orchids on the lawn was pretty special as I am such a visual person and had thought this up as soon as I knew we were having a Hawaiian theme.


TFM: How long did it take to find the perfect dress? Did you have an idea of what you wanted it to look like prior to the search?
LUCIE: My dress was the Fox Gown from Rue de Seine. When we first got engaged I had originally bought another dress when I was travelling however when we booked The Grove, it wasn’t the right aesthetic. I saw the Fox on instagram when I was building my retail store. I went to the dress appointment covered in paint and cement with dirty hair and work boots on, when I tried it on though, I knew it was ‘The One’! It had to be handmade in New Zealand and then needed major alterations when it reached Sydney so I literally picked it up just 2 days before we flew to Byron.

Try not to stress, I wish I had not put so much pressure on myself...
— Lucie Ferguson

TFM: What was your favourite accessory of your outfit? Was there anything you added that was very special to you?
LUCIE: I had two! My favourite accessory was my wedding gift. Rory went above and beyond with his gift to me. I had designed the invitations with the amazing talent that is Brent Smith. I had showed Brent lots of references from my Grandmothers trip to Hawaii in the 1960’s and he brought them all to life. Rory then had the invite and the fabric from his wedding shoes inlaid into two surfboards for each of us to have at the wedding and keep forever. He had a local shaper from Terrigal make one ‘The Ditch’ and another shaper from Byron Bay ‘Mctavish’ make the other so it was a fusion of us two as a couple and also our two homes. My favourite from Rory’s outfit was getting a Denim jacket chain stitched embroidered by a dear friend in America, it was an appropriation of the Harley Davidson Logo saying our wedding mantra ‘Love is all you need’.



TFM: What song did you and your husband dance to?
LUCIE: Our first dance was to ‘So into you’ by Childish Gambino, a sexy acoustic version of the 90’s classic.


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All Photography by Lara Hotz

Wedding Planning by The Events Lounge

Lucie's Dress from Rue de Seine

Lucie and Rory's wedding first appeared in Issue 16 of Hello May Magazine.
Check out their post for more detail on the amazing vendors involved.