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It’s official guys... The Baby Anything Ceremonial Collection has launched and who better than our Creative Director, Casey Gore, to be the chosen hair and makeup artist to bring us the "Bridal style Baby Anything Babe." It was a match made in heaven!

We’ve got the low down on how to achieve this look from the lady herself and some background on the creative team.

TFM: Tell us all about the hair and makeup brief?
CASEY: Luckily for me, Lucie (Baby Anything Girl Boss) has great taste in hair and makeup.
She wanted the hair tousled with volume and luscious texture. Makeup was to be that of a bronzed goddess from Tuscany. Think dewy skin, warm tones and a healthy glow.

TFM: What products did you use?
CASEY: Prep - @beccacosmetics First Light Priming Filter
Base- @ellisfaascosmetics Skin Veil foundation
Highlight - @beccacosmetics Shimmering skin perfector OPAL
Brows- @benefitaustralia Precisely my brow
Eyes- @narsissist NARS Eyeshadow Duo in Isolde and Wheres My Hot Chocolate!?
Blush- @benefitaustralia Galifornia blush.
Contour- @tomford shade and illuminate compact.
Lips @lanolips
@clinique_oz Nude Pop.
Body- #goēoil
Hair- @randcohair Texture Spray and Death Valley Dry shampoo.

TFM: What are you thoughts on the overall feel of the shoot?
CASEY: I love Lucie’s vision. The shoot was exceptional and her briefs are quite often my favorite style of hair and makeup which is always a bonus. When I get to do a look that I love it's naturally going to be even more amazing.

TFM: Did you have much input in the creative process?
CASEY: I did somewhat. I was already extremely happy with the brief but when I listened to the words Lucie used to describe the look I took it upon myself to make the model's body dewy as well. You’ll notice in the campaign that her body and hands are quite nourished, which ties in with the overall makeup look. Achieving a polished look is always about the extra little things you do to take an ok look to being one that is great.

TFM: Tell us about the creative team you worked with on this shoot.
CASEY: The dream team! Let’s start with Lucie and Elle Ferguson...
These sisters have world class taste in terms of style and fashion so it was a privilege to be apart of their magic. The jewellery pieces that Lucie has designed are exquisite and Elle being the digital entrepreneur that she is has quite an eye for detail in terms of shoot styling. Together they are brilliant.
Chris Mohen the photographer is great fun and seems to always capture images that are clean and fresh but have beachy vibes as well.
Our model Jemima doesn’t look like an every model. Her features are so interesting, which was great for me as a makeup artist. I just made her a beautiful polished version of herself like she was bathing in the Tuscan sun.

TFM: How did you achieve this look?
CASEY: Firstly...skin prep is everything! Most models are pretty good at looking after themselves prior to a shoot but once I have a model in my chair the under eye masks always go on. It’s a busy world and even the healthiest person can look tired, especially if it’s an early start.
I then mix moisturizer and oil together and work it into the skin. Then I highlight the skin with a liquid highlighter so she already looks naturally lit from within.

My rule is when the skin is good “don’t mess with perfection”. So I only applied a very sheer foundation base, followed by a light weight, light reflective concealer under the eyes. I lightly filled the brows with a blonde brow pencil and brow powder to keep them soft and fluffy looking.

I then wet my eye shadow brush and used a deep bronze eye shadow to wash over the eye. When you wet you brush the eye shadow glides on and makes the colour 3 times as intense.

After that I applied a warm tone bronzer to where the sun would naturally hit the face, which is the hair line believe it or not. I used a coral blush which is HEAVEN for olive skin and highlighter again with the liquid highlighter for extra pop. I finished off with a neutral skin colour on the lip and a sheer gloss. The simple lip treatment  makes the eyes, cheeks and highlight the main focus.

Hair was loaded up with texture spray at the roots, which was then blow dried into the hair.
I lightly tonged the hair (to an S shape wave) in other words (barely there wave) and let it set whilst I did the makeup.

TFM: Would you recommend this look for a TFM bride?
I absolutely would! It's my signature style. I love nothing more than big textured wavey hair and glowy bronze makeup!

TFM: So for a bride, would you make any changes to the hair and makeup for it to last the day?
CASEY: Well as gorgeous as this shoot is...the truth is...I was constantly oiling her from head to toe and sjooshing her hair to keep it big! We were also battling the weather...it was a freezing cold day outside but we had to make it look like she was being shot at sunset on an island. So my recommendations would be...

  • Hair extensions on your wedding day for volume and length.
  • A mattifying primer only in your T-zone so you won’t shine in the wrong places.
  • A water proof mascara for the wedding day cry factor.

To book Casey for your wedding day or event hair and makeup please get in touch via our Contact Form.